Amelie Peace

Amelie Peace

„between softness and cruelty“

b. 1997, France

Lives and works in London (UK)

Amelie works both in painting and printmaking. Her practice delves into the experience of touch and the human need for physical connection. The psychophysical dialogues that she curates in her paintings discuss the emotional, sexual and gendered experience.

She explores what it means to have a body, to share that body, how each exchange with another person alters one’s sense of their own physical self.

She captures moments that stand on the line between softness and cruelty. The cruelty might be subtle at times but one can look to the clues Peace has left behind for us to decipher. Hands are an obvious fascination for her as they are forms that are always highlighted in the work. They act as stepping stones guiding the viewer through the many storylines in the paintings.

The intensity of colour in the work is used as a megaphone to portray the themes she explores in her practice. What it means to speak without words, the power that can be found in the unspoken language of the gestural. In each painting, the fourth wall is broken, which entices the viewer to become part of the theatrical puzzles Peace puts together in her pursuit to depict human emotion.

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