Dani Kangu

Dani Kangu 13

„The World in Infrared“

I’m Dani Kangu – Infrared portal creator. Creating pictures is magical for me. It gives us the opportunity to capture emotions, tell stories or even make light visible that is beyond our physical limits. I create unconventional pictures that show what goes on beyond our perception. 

The human eye can only see from 380nm – 780nm. For my work I use a hardware modified camera that shows the spectrum until 1000 nm. The camera records a spectrum of infrared light that is not visible to the eye and reproduces green landscapes in intense lavender, purple and pink tones. 

With my pictures I try not to show the usual image of reality, but rather a color abstraction of what we cannot perceive. The inconspicuous images are perceived in a new way by the expanded spectrum and create a kind of parallel world.

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Fotos: © Dani Kangu