Jon Seidman

„A visualist who aims to inspire“

Born in Livingston (NJ) Native of Both Brooklyn (NYC) and Union (NJ), Jonathan Seidman has been a professional visual artist for the past 30+ years. With an advertising design background from the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale, 3D Software and his intensive independent courses at N.Y.U., his artistic mediums includes mainly pen, ink, pencil, watercolors, acrylic paint, handmade stencils, computer 3D generated illustration, graphics and motion graphics. He also designs small futuristic musical soundtracks for each or some of his art pieces that are ever changing depending on the artwork as a whole.

Working instinctively and focusing mainly on movement, Seidman creates ethereal blueprints and maps comprised of intricate line work and patterns. He uses his own skillful technique and original hand method that became his signature style. With his almost „childlike“ fascination for the unknown possibilities of creation and freedom of expression – something he draws from being raised in NYC….using the opportunity for improvisational skills that provides the base for his professional art pieces.

His art reflects his life. Seidman’s choice to become a professional artist was a way to continue his path of self discovery and extend that practice to his audience. His art speaks through landscape blueprints of lines, forms, shapes and colours that are done in a spontaneous creative process. Based on intuition rather than planned methodical sketches, Seidman’s body of work is anything but tamed, subtle or quiet. A world in and of itself. Like an ongoing meditation in progress, that aims to heal, re-join, re-spark and excite the viewer.

Seidman’s artwork is proudly displayed inside the Schulamt – Educational Authority Association of the Whole State of Baden Würtemberg in the nostalgic City of Heidelberg (Germany). His work has been exhibited at the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale Gallery, Avant-Garde Art Festival (Solo Show) in Trenton, New Jersey, 38-09 Studios NY, STUDIO 84 Brooklyn NY, Sweet Dreams Gallery in Madison (NJ), Bizarre Bazaar Brooklyn NY, Taka Gallery (Fujino-Cho) Kanagawa – Japan, The State of Art (Solo Show) NY, Rubulad Brooklyn NY, Anywho Gallery Greenpoint Brooklyn NY, Raum 7 Neckargemuend – Germany, Villanachtanz Weiblingen – Germany, Raum 7 (3 Solo Shows) Neckargemuend – Germany, Villanachtanz (3d Visuals/Projections/Animations) Weiblingen – Germany, Kurpfälzisches **Museum der Stadt Heidelberg, Heidelberg – Germany. His lives in Eberbach, Germany.

„I’d like to bring the viewers to an open new world upon the canvas, or whatever medium I use at the given moment. I am a visualist who aims to enhance the expressive and elemental world of the observer by tapping into the depth of the subconscious mind. I want to use my creative vision as a vehicle for inspiration to those around me, community building, creative conformity, networking, team building, improvisational idea making, livelihood, pleasure and contemplation by inspiring, creating workshops, events and mentor programs. I want to tempt and awaken audiences in my community and beyond. To reduce or eliminate the negative and unknowledgeable way of thinking about the aesthetics and style of
contemporary abstract art.“

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Fotos: © Jonathan Seidman