Polina Pak

Polina Pak

„exploring the mundane“

b. 1997, England

Lives and works in London (GB)

People grapple loss in a multitude of ways, and Polina’s work seeks to identify the places of comfort that can be found in such trying experiences. She is intrigued by how our routines and habits shape the way we process distress. She examines this dynamic by exploring the mundane in domestic spaces, miscellaneous objects and the anonymous bod. By doing this she chooses to highlight what we might find comfort in, to bring sianificance to the thinas that others might just overlook. Her work draws inspiration from superstitious beliefs, dream reading and old wives‘ tales, reflecting on how the small things we fill with meaning become instrumental in helping us heal and make sense of living.

It’s her first exhibition in Germany after several shows in London.

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