Stuttg’Art Connect (Kollektiv)

Stuttg art Connect

„Group of artists  – International, Diverse, Creative“

Stuttg’Art Connect

Stuttg’Art Connect is an artgroup of passionate international artists, having diversified art styles and techniques. Paintings done in watercolor, acrylic and pencil sketches await you. 

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7 artists will be exhibiting:

Svetlana Danchenko

finding inspiration in traveling and surroundings while experimenting with different mediums and styles

Immerse into coloured veins:capturing the frames of travel  and people with bright and vivid water colours

Aline Barge

Artwork focussing on light, colors and movement, inspired by expressions and emotions of daily life sceneries.

Petra Bajac

Kevin Conda

Georj Eina


Fotos: © Stuttg’Art Connect