Val Smets

Vat Smets

„the world through an ant’s perspective“

b.1991. Luxembourg

Lives and works in Brussels (BEL)

Val Smets studied Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of the University of the Arts in Helsinki. Her practice is positioned between painting, installation, sculpture, and sensory intervention, often combining painting with light installation, site-specific settings, and smell. Her works reflect on the artist’s deep engagement with painting through a multitude of technics, and her theoretical exploration of the position of humans towards non-human agency through the paradigm of mycelium and fungi. By playing with scale and proportions Smets is repositioning the viewer as the smallest entity of the scene, evoking questions of perspective as she morphs our familiar gaze on nature. The work allows the viewer to see the world through an ant’s perspective, highlighting one of the smallest (and biggest) groups within our planetary ecosystem: the mushroom. Through her visual language, Sets creates a psychedelic new interpretation of Alice in Wonderland or the setting for Anna Karenina’s budding romance during a mushroom hunt. After several solo exhibitions with galleries like Gallery Kajava in Helsinki, Galerie Zimmerman Kratochwill in Graz and at the AFC Collection in Brussels she’s now presenting for the first time in Germany.

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