Zac Yeates

Zac Yeates

„explore atmospheric worlds“

b. 1997, Western Australia Lives and works in Vilnius (LTU)

Zac Yeates is a mixed media painter. His work strives for a connection with the viewer, exploring personification and human forms using mixed media to reveal color-intensive portraits. In June of 2020, Zac received a diploma in Film Production from Catalyst Institute.

Fascinated by ordinary life and elements of pop culture, Yeates evokes a parallel between the absurd and the comedic, a contradiction between the familiar and the strange, and a relationship between the artist and the viewer. Yeates did an artist residency in Berlin and continues his artistic journey in Vilnius, Lithuania, reflecting the zeitgeist back onto the viewer with the final objective of mutual understanding expressed through a knowing smile.

„The driving force behind my artwork is the desire to explore atmospheric worlds that have a sense of familiarity but give the viewer a feeling of uncanniness. The figures who live in the world of the painting-those are the faces I want to capture“

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